Software Engineer / Game Programmer


To portfolio website for Alex Lee(Game Programmer, data structure enthusiast, and Breakout connoiseur.)

I'm experienced in Windows development and game programming.

Language I'm most proficient with is C# though my favorite language is C++. I enjoy creating meaningful interaction and gameplay mechanics using data structure and design pattern.

Currently I'm working on creating a library for Asian Traditional Card Game called Hwatu(Hanafuda) as personal project. Codes for this project are written to be highly portable and integratable with multiplayer in mind. For more details, please checkout the links to Traditional Hwatu Card Game(MonoGame) below.

Please also checkout "Aiku" a first-person puzzle game created in Unity3D. Some of my Github pages such as Sphere Raycasting or Power System with Unit Test are examples of contributions I made to this project.

I love OOP and Design Pattern!

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Cover letter and references are available upon request.